Zines / Books

(this is not an exhaustive list)

Wasps. (2021) – Exploration of the nihilistic brutality of wasps.
Cat prison (2021) – a giant rescues cats from daily boredom with music and introspection
Queen of the sea (2021) – a person dreams of salty liberation in the mouth and arms of King Trident.
Fat Dad, small dad (2021) – two wronged dads go on a revenge spree against a mad warlord in feudal Japan
The Leaf man cometh (2021) – true crime story of the “leaf man” who brutally murdered and dismembered a series of people in the early 2000’s because he was in love with his leaf blower.
They spoke of Mr Rabbitman (2020) – children’s rhymes about a monstrous folk legend who dressed as a rabbit and is said to be responsible for a series of shocking murders on Dartmoor
An academics guide to the world’s sluttiest animals (2020) – the only paper worth reading on the subject of animal reproductive habits
Today I am a leaf. Then I am a mountain. (2020) – a man gets a head injury and his life tumbles out of his ears
I am going to be everyone’s step dad (2020) – in space no one can hear you step dadding
Our father a murderer (2020) – horror story about how none of us really know the people we live with or what they do in the woods.
The Nemeses of Tib (2020) – an illustrated list of the things my dog hates.
Erin God Destroyer (2020) – in the far future, a 4000 ghost and a flesh dweller turn minor therapeutic discoveries into a hollywood film.
Smarmy gentleman 2 (2020) – Anthology of nonsense part 2
Field guide to European Ghosts (2020) – the only reliable guide to European paranorma
No sleep for Frederick Catpenis (2019) – an insomniac baseball coach struggles with addiction and hallucinations
Blue and white circular moons (2019) – Chronic pain, depression and a dog, a comic about companionship.
The adventures of Tony Horseradish (2018) – a comic about a narwhal who lost his horn and is very angry / likes ice cream.
Batman’s depressed (2021) – one young man’s obsession with pop culture starts to bleed into his everyday life.
The best of the worst (2012) – a collection of the best of the dust piggies comic that was posted daily to an audience of 3 people for 8 years
Vinegar (2010) – the story of a young man who returns to the island community where he grew up, only to find there are familiar horrors still lurking.
Short lies on paper (2014) – autobiographical poetry book, which is more or less 70 percent lies and slander.

The inimitable life of citizen trouser (2010) – The story of two addicts moving through the anonymous, junk beached city and the ash-soaked horror of suburbia, all the while under the watchful eye of an unknown looming spectre known as citizen trouser.
Lone sheep (2009) – a comic about a psychopathic sheep on a meaningless spree of horrific violence, just so he doesn’t have to socialise (this is the 2nd cover of a 3 part zine)
The Ghost Fist covenant (2021) – a group of ancient warriors in a race against time to prevent the resurrection of the all powerful GHOST FIST.
The Ice cream man of the damned (2021) – After a post apocalyptic event a lone ice cream man tries to survive the ash soaked aftermath where the only language is that of the crowbar.
Smarmy Gentleman Magazine issue (2019) – anthology of nonsense, original printing has a M on the cover in sharpie. because I can’t proof read for shit.
The CHADENING (2012) – a small hamster and his imaginary friend mr nipples try to solve a mystery.

Birds (2009) – a collection of the 2 year bird project where I obsessively painted weird bird paintings until I had a very mild nervous breakdown, from which I never recovered.
Mr Salty’s Ice Creamatorium (2008) – gross comic about deeply sinister ice cream man. in 2021 I can observe this was basically a homage to Red Meat.