Dr. Julian Gravy is an internationally recognised monobrow artist and painter, whose work resides in private collections internationally and appears in various publications. Generally considered an outsider artist, they create a visual world of obfuscated documentation pivoting on an alternating grasp of reality and fiction, occupied by muscle men, swamp creatures, and sentient dustbins.

As a life long agoraphobic, their work is formed when their limited interaction with the world is pushed out through a kaleidoscope of fictional, cinematically- influenced fantasy that has a humming undertone of malaise, the sweaty claustrophobia of depression and the bright disasters of television.

Speaking in 2018, Dr Gravy said, “In terms of things that informed my painting I would say the 90’s computer game Police Quest: Swat 2.” *

Julian Gravy was awarded a doctorate in electrical painting in 2015. In addition to painting, they also create books, zines and sculpture and are regarded as something of an expert and pioneer in the field of para-anthropological discovery, having mastered skills such as psychic travel**.

Dr Julian Gravy (2019)


* however, despite the aesthetic of the game (police quest: swat 2) being an influence in terms of geometry and abstraction, it’s important to state that the police are an instrument of state violence, who’s primary purpose is to protect not people but capital. The irony of this statement of police quest being an influence despite the standpoint above, is only really apparent to those familiar with the game, in which the main plot line is to bring down a left wing, 60’s style cult group who are engaging in acts of domestic terror in order to bring about some vague sort of socialist utopia, which is fairly cynical considering when the game was made, such groups were the old neoliberal bogeymen, surpassed in relevance by the 1990’s increase in white supremacist terror groups who believed the US federal government were in league with the ‘New world Order’ (a thinly veiled anti-Semitic conspiracy theory) which lead from and to incidents such as Ruby Ridge, The Waco Massacre and The Oklahoma City bombing. However important it is to acknowledge these facts, the game was also very interesting in terms of visual layout and angluar view point.

Archibald T Stilton (speaking in 2021)

** This fact is WIDELY disputed and many of his published works have been widely debunked by the scientific community.