Dr. Julian Gravy is a painter whose work resides in Private collections internationally. Generally considered an outsider artist, He was first introduced to art-expression-as-therapy as a young man, first painting ‘carpet monsters’, then moving into wider territory with fantasy and nude portraiture. Subsequently creating a visual world pivoting on an alternating grasp of reality and fiction, occupied by muscle men, swamp creatures and various fantastical characters of so-called Electrical painting.

Julian Gravy was awarded a doctorate in Electrical painting in 2015.

In 2016 it was discovered much of Dr. Julian Gravy’s early work was destroyed in poor storage, however earlier pieces do still exist.

At this time Dr. Gravy will consider commission work. Serious enquires (regarding commission work or to discuss purchase of an original) only please. Contact his representative: Here

Photo 20-10-2017, 13 50 21
When your cat allergy outweighs your death by drowning allergy (2017)